Monday, October 6, 2008

Key Liverpool victory is the desire Strong

Manchester - Excellence 2-0 Manchester City be on Liverpool in the first innings, but eventually carved 3-2 victory, "The Red" owing to three goals in the second innings. Appearances are not evil spirit can praise from the coach Rafael Benitez Liverpool.

In the first 45 minutes match, Sunday (5/10/2008), defeat a vision that Liverpool have been left behind two goals without reply from the host City. But the second stanza of "The Reds" with a brilliant comeback.

Begins with the goal Fernando Torres that evoke the spirit of Harlem Gang, his red card in one of the players of "The Citizens" best rate remains Liverpool. Torres then make one more goal before Dirk Kuyt finally close by late goals before the dispersal.

Kuyt before touchdown, City was actually maintain despair achieve results after the series back Martin Skrtel Liverpool exit the field due to injury a few minutes before the match is over. Benitez can not enter because the players have been three times to make the shifts, so the match again balanced 10 opponent 10. But Liverpool have risen overdo.

"What is the positive reaction from the players after a poor first round. We make two mistakes so that the two goals, and the reaction and character that we see in the second phase is the key to my victory from reaching this," This is Benitez as the official Liverpool website.

"When I drink down to the players and try to print a single goal and then we will be able to return to the game. That is the idea initially, and the character and determination of the players far better than the first round. We tried hard in the second innings and the determination exceptional players, "he continued.

Spain manager of origin are not refute that his team made several mistakes in the first round so that players can be punished opponents have the speed and ability to trim individual.

"Make better if we do not penetrated but at least if you can win it will show that the players are ready to win every match. Physically we in good condition and the fitness trainers we can praise worthy. We also have the confidence and good mentality , "Said Benitez.