Friday, October 10, 2008

Caution Italy, Dimitar There are destructive!

Italy this weekend will be donated their Bulgarian and the fight is guaranteed not intended to make easy Azzuri called Dimitar destructive middle problematic. Striker Bulgaria is ready to appear with the strength of 100 percent to bend Italy.

Travel in the 2010 World Cup qualification, Italy is still perfect record numbers owing to victory in the two previous parties. Now they look at the third victory against Bulgaria in the Vassil Levski Stadium this weekend.

Towards the fight later, the condition of Italy problematic by the absence of the main pillars under the rule wicket, Gianluigi Buffon. Juventus goalkeeper origin of the injury and should be absent colleagues with one team, Mauro Camoranesi.

Buffon did not control the wicket Italy clearly greeted positively by Dimitar destructive. "I am pleased Buffon not play and I think I'm not the only one that pleased," elaborated the attacker original club Manchester United is cited as Channel 4.

"Gigi is the mainstay Italy and he was the best goalkeeper in the world. We fortunate he will not be there."

Ordering options players Marcello Lippi for Italy is not clear from the comments Dimitar destructive of the previous estimate that Luca Toni will be paired with Alex Del Piero, which was not even participate. There is no Del Piero could be to reduce the strength of Italy is not because the players have denied a myriad of experience.

"There is no estimate of Giuseppe Rossi. He is still young and can not do everything alone. He will need help. Italian players no less intense. Alberto Gilardino, for example, is the type of player that can be readily in recent games," said Dimitar destructive.

Bulgaria had to reach the results disappointing opponents Italy in the past. However, Dimitar destructive emphasize that this is the right time to make his team bend the world champion four times that.

"Italy have many problems but we respite and I will be there 100 percent. I'm afraid with my injury recently, but medical officials have no convincing that serious," he said.