Sunday, October 5, 2008

Llorente Takes Lead Villarreal

Barcelona - Joseba Llorente a recent victory over Villarreal 2-1 Real calf. Victory also brought to Villarreal while La Liga lead the forum.

In the match held at the Estadio El Madrigal, Sunday (5/10/2008) Villarreal get resistance from the tight calf in the first innings. Even in the first round the team winning more delegates through the first goal in Damia to-20 minutes.

However, the Yellow Submarine finally able to rise up and find the best return game in the second innings. Gonzalo Rodriguez successfully equates the position to be 1-1 and Joseba Llorente eventually ensure victory Villarreal 2-1.

Villarreal make the victory while leading the forum for La Liga. Villarreal have now takes 16 points from six games or winning three points from Valencia will be the new face Real Valladolid tomorrow.

Real calf while still occupy after a new board under 2 to collect points.

The Path

In the calf was indeed pressing at the beginning of the match. Luc Emana trying to make with the release
strong right foot kick from outside the penalty box but still failed to produce goals.

Similarly, Mehmet Aurelio opportunities through his head Crossing welcome Jesus Capi can still be defeated Diego Lopez. Meanwhile, Villarreal try to attack but left foot kicking Giuseppe Rossi is still thin derogating in addition to the wicket.

The opportunity Ariel Ibagaza left foot shot past can still be broken Casto. Now calf back to make it through hard kick right leg Jose Mari from the right side can still be blocked Lopez.

However, the calf finally succeeded in winning first. A Crossing from Mark Gonzalez successfully utilized by the release Damia left foot shot from the middle of the penalty corner to the right goalpost Villarreal.

Real calf still control the match but the way down to drinking 1-0 position remains unchanged. In the second phase, Villarreal try to catch up and do it with two shifts infused Robert Pires and Guillermo Franco.

Results quite effective. In the minutes to-69, Villarreal eventually become successful equates the position 1-1. Goal is printed by Gonzalo through his head in the penalty box after utilizing Crossing Ariel Ibagaza.

One minute later, Villarreal back into winning 2-1. Llorente a recent victory after victory, Villarreal left foot kick from distance successfully penetrate wicket calf utilize bait Pires.

Score 2-1 to Villarreal was not changed until the end of the match.