Monday, October 6, 2008

Ancelotti: Cool, But This phenomenon Shortly

Milan - After reaching some impressive results, AC Milan now even hold the primary forum Cagliari. Weird? You do not have such a surprise because, according to Carlo Ancelotti Milan suffered what was simply a phenomenon when the studios.

Starting this season with two defeat in the domestic scene, then rose with Milan to reach the victory in the five-party after that. Two fed victory in the UEFA Cup, while the remaining three in Serie A.

From the positive results in the Serie A, there are two victory "Rossoneri" that should be attention. The first is able to overcome the leadership forum while Lazio through score 4-1, and upset the champion Inter survive with the score 1-0.

Performance is clearly cause tremendous optimism for Milan, but also caution from the opponent. But what immoral, face Cagliari, it was not ever reach a point this season it - alias always lose - "Il Diavolo Rossi" I can not even show their teeth.

Rather than continue to move forward with positive results, only the score 0-0 that eventually decorate the score board games Cagliari vs. Milan diligence, on Monday (6/10/2008)

"These results do not automatically mean steps backwards, as a glance such a phenomenon can occur after this many games. We step forward and I think we have the results right to consider the overall look of the second bunker," Ancelotti deception, as quoted Channel 4.

According to the analysis Don Carletto, endured his Milan team is not a means to weaken or back down performance. Thus Cagliari, who began improving appearance so that Milan can compensate.

"Things like this can happen in one travel season, when a team full of determination to play good football. We may hope we can win in every fight. We are not displaying extraordinary game, but the result is good enough (because of) their is a the team should play their ability, "he explained.

Ties with the goal clearly is not satisfactory, especially Milan also play its three mainstay that is Alexandre Pato, Kaka and Ronaldinho. But in the last 20 minutes, Pato and Dinho had to be replaced out of Andriy Shevchenko and Inzaghi thedoctorpaolo. Both the strategy eventually proved itself equally effective no.

"We need a strong middle attacker to demolish their defense, but (Marco) Boriello still Inzaghi injury and just started practice, so he was not in shape to appear more than 20 minutes. I recognize that I may be doing more rapid turnover," I Ancelotti explained the strategy.

Regardless, optimism still maintained Ancelotti mainly offers Dinho and Sheva, which is still loyal to local government will immediately return to the best performance. "Pause for international parties come soon, so this weekend for two Ronaldinho and Shevchenko will improve their physical performance."