Sunday, October 5, 2008

Barca beat up 6-1 Atlético

Barcelona - Barcelona Laga contra Atlético Madrid, which is predicted to run out ongoing fierce partisanship. Mr. houses appear very strong to defeat guests with a fantastic score of 6-1.

With players of the materials plus the status as one of the best, meeting with Barca Atlético running as exciting with both teams launched another attack. However, fight in the Camp nou, Sunday (5/20/2008) even held one direction with the host appear to dominate.

A total of six goals that made the team care PEP Guardiola in the tournament, with five of them came in the first 45 minutes. While the guest team can only reply once to make the match ended with the score 6-1.

With the additional three points Barcelona now sit in second position with the forum while the value of 13, the results of the four victories, and once equilibrium is lost. Meanwhile, for the Los Rojiblancos is a reversal both in last week after repeatedly defeated Sevilla with a 1-0 score.

The Path

Goal first time Barca created a new rivalry running three minutes. Rafael Marquez recorded the name in the score board when his head forward bait corner kick from the right side of the defense team of delegates.

Competition, which is believed to run the lines tend to be less fierce bite. Moreover, the host and then get a gift penalty from referee subsequent violations made against Messi. Samuel Eto'o as a forward eksekutor easily change the score became 2-0.

And the thundering cheers Barca fans back sorai heard reverberating throughout the stadium over time created the third goal in eight minutes. Utilize background inadvertency players Atlético the middle of life to build the fence, Messi thin free kick outside the penalty box could only does before finally entering into the goalpost Gregory Coupet who still try to manage colleagues.

Behind three goals not directly make Atlético despair. In 13 minutes Maxi Rodriquez decry the lack of his team through a hard kick from outside the penalty box.
However, when the team likely will be a guest of return, Barca had to add the number of goal the name of Samuel Eto'o.

Goal is created owing to the creation Xavi release bait measured on the Striker. After two wins duel with the opponent back, Eto'o was also snooker goalkeeper Coupet.

Goal Barca in the first round of this hard work came from Andres Iniesta the bend-contortion in the middle of the opponent back and release the backlash that hit the pole only hurdle. However Rebound the ball to the middle of the penalty be struck directly Eidur Gudjohnsen to change the position to be 5-1.

Barca in the 5-1 advantage with no pressure to reduce it. A number of other opportunities successfully created a backlash by one Iniesta hit the pole at the wicket and failed to Rebound-by Messi is free to stand in the position.

Messi themselves appear very bright in the fight. An action-his solo run in the first half also increase the number of goals scored nearly host. But the severity of work to go through some of the players plus efforts to tear the opponent the ball when faced with live Coupet not produce anything, the ball be derogating its thin side to the right goalpost Atlético.

If so dominant Messi Barcelona in the bunker, is not the case with Kun Aguero. Atlético young star called a duel will be a terrible with Messi as the powerless and can not do anything for his team.

Entering the second round not many changes occurred. Barca still appear attack, while Atlético are still difficulties to develop the game at the same time escape from the pressure of the opponent.

The only goal that was born in the second half of this came in 73 minutes through Thierry Henry. The procession of the birth of this goal by creating a beautiful Henry begins with the release on bail Bojan Krkic and resumed it in the young Striker Xavi. Henry backlash first time back after receiving bail from Xavi back to tear the nets Atlético sixth time.

Ordering Cast

Barcelona: Valdés, Puyol, Pique, Márquez, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi ( `Keita 73), Gudjohnsen, Messi (Bojan` 69), Iniesta, Eto'o (Henry `59)

Atlético Madrid: Coupet, Perea, Ujfaluši, Heitinga, López, Maxi Rodríguez ( `De Las Cuevas 20), Assuncao, Raúl García, Luis García (Pernia` 45), Sinama-Pongolle, Agüero ( `57 Banega)