Friday, October 10, 2008

Emerson: Right Dinho Reject Brazil

Milan - not the name of Ronaldinho in the Brazilian team because the players had AC Milan is reluctant to be called. Action was also praised other Brazilian soccer players, Emerson, who is also a club with his colleagues.

Dinho in the absence of the original team of "Samba" to fight World Cup qualifying opponents Venezuela and Colombia because of suspected players are removed by the coach Dunga.

Dinho, but it will reveal that he is stated to Dunga that he currently prefers to concentrate Milan for the fitness level reached 100 percent, rather than defend Brazil.

"I've seen looks very good and in better condition. He can do everything for the return of Ronaldinho so we all know," Emerson said to Sky Sport Italia.

"He has to practice hard and I think he is asking to remain here rather than defend the Brazilian because he wants to give something extra (for clubs)," he continued.

Brazilian international players who defend the country last time in 2006 is also considered that the decision Dinho to remain in the club is right.

"Now he has the opportunity to practice without boarding the plane and travel 15-18 hours in the aircraft, which means he will miss the one-day exercise. In my opinion he is right to make decisions to remain with us," said the half brought Milan is the year 2007.