Sunday, October 5, 2008

Grote dispersed Bayern's Victory

Munich - Bayern Munich again forced the number one pan on the Allianz Arena on Saturday (4/10/2008) mare entertain VfL Bochum. Because Dennis Grote goal in the final minutes to make interminable fight 3-3.

Failure to reach points of Bayern is not the first time this season in the competition michel gondry. Even from four cage fight, team care that Juergen Klinsmann can only achieve one victory.

It happens whenever victory against Hertha Berlin, Bayern end of August. In the fight before and after, Bayern only record the results of a series, and even less (when Werder Bremen entertain).

That means gaining points Bavaria not changed much. Until this week the total collection numbers collected nine valuable. While Bochum are also still in the middle of the boards with six points.

Although the ending balance, was Bayern's appearance shows that promise in this fight. Bayern lead directly when entering the match to 16 minutes to kick through Daniel Van Buyten before Sinan Kaloglu equates the position in 29 minutes.

Bayern lead again when the match entered injury time, the first phase through hard kick left foot Ze Roberto. Winger left the origin of this Brazilian team and even increase benefits in 68 minutes.

However, this failed to 3-1 advantage, maintained until the end of the match. Goal Christoph Dabrowski in 83 minutes dampen the lack of Bochum before Dennis Grote, who replaces Paul Freier on 73 minutes, successfully equates the position in 85 minutes to force the results of series 3-3.

Ordering Cast
Bayern Munich: Rensing, Oddo, Lucio, Van Buyten, Lahm, Schweinsteiger (Sosa 69), Demichelis, Zé Roberto (Borowski 78), Ribéry, Klose (Podolski 69), Toni

VfL Bochum: Fernandes, Pfertzel, Maltritz, Mavraj, Fuchs - Freier (Grote 73), Schröder, Dabrowski, Sestak, Azaouagh, Kaloglu