Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terry: Give Walcott time

London - The three goals to his wicket Croatia, Theo Walcott became the very players expected British public. Even for the future of the players, he should not answer.

Since it is surprising when Arsenal bought with the high price of some season ago, Walcott was the performance that fluctuates. Once he appear so impressive, but in some opportunities Striker 19 years old is considered disappointing.

If he is so adored British public, it is because the appearance of extraordinary show when he helped England frustrate Croatia 4-1. Southampton is a graduate of the incident three goal victory of the Three Lions.

This is a worrying and John Terry. He saw the public pressure on Walcott is too large, it can result in poor, as has happened in the World Cup 2006.

"In the World Cup two years ago, all people see the direction of Theo. But he was not getting scope," said English national team captain is on the Sun.

"He is someone who has the talent and imposing a good player for the team in the future. But we must stop if we said, and he relies on is the only player who can be relied on," continued the English captain.

Terry continued, with Arsenal Walcott received very good treatment from Arsène Wenger did not give a lot of pressure. However, when uniformed Union Jack, all the British public as hoped in the middle.

"We have players such as Theo before, Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole. Let them play with the game itself."

"Arsène Wenger can see that he was good enough when he was with Arsenal. But when he came together with England, we do not want him too," he said.