Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Capello is now confident in Wembley

London - Fabio Capello admitted was "fobia" if you need to play at Wembley Stadium. However, subsequent big victory over Croatia, he can now be confident, although still wary.

The amount of pressure and high expectations of the public to be on the Wembley England team is the reason why Capello had to be very worried if playing in the stadium is sacred. Ultimately, The Three Lions had played poorly in their own cage.

"In previous games I never play it outside Wembley can help. I say that because of outside pressure is often minimal. With 90 thousand fans in the stable expectations that big there," blogosphere, as quoted Guardian.

However, these concerns have been much reduced. The reason is the big 4-1 victory when the visit to Croatia, the supreme generate confidence back John Terry cs.

Still, he still warns that the PLAYERS not driven to the top of the Tang. Because the way it's appearance in the fight before they will be able to repeat.

"Now they (players) have confidence that important, it will be easier for the players to show their best game here," said Don Fabio.

This weekend the UK will face Kazakhstan in World Cup qualification continued. For while they sit at the top of Group 6 after the forum cite the results of 100% of the two fight over Andorra and Croatia.