Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Again, MU player with Wigan Link

Wigan - After half by the middle of stroke Wilson Palacios, Manchester United, also called squint other Wigan players, Antonio Valencia. Recognition of that fact came from Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan.

Speculation Palacios transfer to MU just back stronger. Now following the allegations that the "Red Devil" may be conducted simultaneously with the additional purchase of a double Valencia.

In fact, right wing players aged 23 years old is already attracting some time MU. At least it's a claim Whelan.

"We have some young players outside and we will be followed by several clubs who hunt them. That's football," said the Wigan Observer Whelan made Setanta Sports.

"If you're a professional football player, you want to win a lot of things, I understand that. We will try to keep them as possible. Goal Valencia hurdle to Man City really terrible. I know Man United has long been observing him,"

Manager Steve Bruce in the early years of this is that if his club future is not easy to maintain a major player if the club want it to the middle as MU.

"If Man United knock the door, how can you refuse them? I realize you can not refuse a team like Manchester United, Liverpool or Tottenham," I'm Bruce.