Friday, October 10, 2008

A Brazilian Robinho is now fragile

Caracas - Brazil has a superior record in the face of their candidates in the 2010 World Cup qualifying, Venezuela. However, Robinho choose disposed alert because Brazil is now fragile.

Brazil over Venezuela a record out. From 18 meeting, 17, won the team fight Samba. However, they had packed only one victory in Venezuela are meeting in their last fight a fellowship in Boston, last June. At the time, Vintonito defeat Brazil 2-0.

After the defeat against Venezuela, the Brazilian record the results of the less good. Teams that care for Carlos Dunga was a total failure in the Olympics and won only one of the four-party PPD 2010 South American zone.

This is a basic precautions Robinho. For players 24 years old that, although Brazil in the forum while now ranked second and ranked eight in Venezuela, does not mean that Venezuela can be seen next to the eye.

"Many people do not treat with respect Venezuela because they do not have a long tradition. But we know, now Brazil can lose from anyone," said Robinho at Reuters.

"We must work with humility and respect," said the player who defend it and then Manchester City.

From the four parties in the last PPD in 2010, Brazil win only once, namely, the top score of 3-0 with Chile. In the three other parties, not only can not win, Robinho et al do not even print the successful touchdown (Paraguay lost 0-2 from 0-0 and hold, each by Argentina and Bolivia).

"Every match is a different story. This is a new phase and Brazil will be prepared," said the fight on Robinho contra Venezuela that was held in Caracas, Venezuela, on Sunday (12/10/2008) it.